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Sin City Art / Posters

miss the ol' mug, poster from '78

We played The Glass Mug regularly from '77 to '81 or '82. It started off downstairs in the Newark Mini Mall, but moved upstairs after a few months. Met Rich Katz in the kitchen there. Rich went on to open The East End Cafe in 1987. We remember Dana & Debbie...

poster from black friday show @ east end cafe '06

sketch by chuck rose fall '75

mondays will never be the same... east end poster

This photo was taken at the Debut Monday. It's calmed down a bit.

al birney cover using scb lp sketch

This was based on the back cover of our album from '79. Scott's son Albert put it together for a Spinto 45 available in Europe. Also check out Albert's videos for Spinto on YouTube. Brown Boxes starts off with Dave's bass solo from Wonderful off Scott's Word Of Mouth LP, while Thomas Hughes is headphoning in the rocking chair. The '79 LP falls over to reveal A Mothers Of Invention LP... Quite brilliant.

ad for brandywine club, '81

The last time we opened for NRBQ was at the old Brandywine Club up on rt. 1. What a steal for a 2 dollar cover...

art by Lucie Melvin

Lucie is the daughter of Tom and Rebecca. Tom was our soundman for several years back in the late seventies. He quit to grow up.


yellow sun poster

Long-time Newark artist & illustrator C.S. Wayne came up with this spiffy idea for our Yellow Sun CD.

Southern Grass poster

A highlight for us!

poster from summer '04

Look out Banjo Dusters!

new years eve @ the blue crab grill

Joshua Tree Poster from 1974

Our bass player, John Spaulding was also our in-house artist and this was one of his knock-offs.

The great Strangers

The Nuketones!

Ladies & Gentlemen, THE NUKETONES! Playing popular instrumental hits from the '50's & '60's! Every Sunday nite forever! Shows start at 9:00. That's JJ Brown, Steve Hobson, David Berry, Wayne Watson & Bob Cullen, L to R. The Best.

Watson Bros. Band

A favorite artifact from a long gone but not forgotten time. Don't try to call #.

hermine\'s poster

poster from late '90's (noyes)

Tom's balcony shot from our show w/ Lee Roy Parnell

Little Tommy Tittlemouse

One of Andy's earliest in-house creations was this very cool woodcut.

Stone Ballon Poster from 1978

Tin Angel Poster from 1995

We sure had fun at the Tin. Where else can you get into a conversation with the bartender about Gene Clark being better than Gram Parsons?

Family Style

silkscreen from 1974

Crepe Chalet Placemat from Feb. 1981

One more example of Andy's artistic style.

Bijou Cafe Bus Pass for March 2, 1981

This was another very memorable night in a great Philly venue that is sadly missed. Any time we got to share a gig with The Watsons was special. The Bijou was where Gram Parsons & The Turkeys played on their historic Fallen Angel tour in the Spring of 1973. March 2nd became even more special the next year when Al Birney hit the stage.

Backstreet Cafe Placemat

We played The Backstreet Cafe in Cherry Hill, NJ for several years. Twice a month til 2am. Rough rides home...

Poster from very first Sin City gig ever!

This was actually the very first gig ever under the SCB moniker. Scott on guitar, John Spaulding from Joshua Tree on bass, and Phil O'Reilly on dobro. It was in the frat's parking lot and was a beautiful fall day in New Hampshire.

Philly poster, \'78

August poster for Noyes Party

The Noyes family lived out on rt. 82 by Hoopes Resovoir and for about 3 or 4 years threw a whammer of a party out in an old barn foundation. Great acoustics plus Dave would record us on his Nakamichi rig and we have a series of fantastic recordings from every one.

east end cafe

Goodbye 1980, Goodbye Crepe

Al\'s Dad

A sketch of the old man when he was napping at the wheel of the Big Blue Van, waiting for EE. The Boy's in second grade...

Word Of Mouth cover

This was the cover of Scott's 1976 recording. It was sketched by Jeff Randall when Scott & Jeff were sharing an apartment on Marlborough Street in Boston in 1972. Later moved over to Mass Ave a block before the bridge to Cambridge. Basement living at it's finest. Randall was studying art and Scott was gigging the open mikes and busking in the subway at the auditorium stop on the green line. Btown actually shows up a lot in our collective history as Jimmy studied at Berkley around the same time and Stevie lived there gigging New England with NRG. Jeff Bove went to law school there and it was Jeff who first raved to us about this hot guitar picker named Hobson...

Another Turn Of The Wheel cover

Always liked this Dave Shamlian sketch of Ol' Cap'n Jim. Jim, he never could swim nohow, and had a deathly fear of water deeper than a bath. And there he is, guiding his ship o' sin thru the high hurricane that was the '70's.

phoenix coffehouse \'73

The Phoenix was a great basement music room where Scott first played with Jeff Bove in 1972. Ongoing shame that Newark and the University can't maintain a happening room for acoustic performers...

turks head tavern \'77

Kenny Homer and Co. ran a very cool performance room for a few golden years in West Chester. Waves was a Sin City Bastard Band offshoot that featured the Word Of Mouth line-up of Dave, Wayne Watson & Dennis Melton. Lonesome George Thorogood was still gigging the local scene...Kenny Thompson was on the menu back then.

4 corners \'75

4 Corners was a serious stop on a certain circuit back in the mid-seventies. Outside of Baltimore... The group we played with, Breakfast Special, pulled up in a yellow checkered NYC cab as we pulled up in our GMC Jimmy 6 Gospel flavored school bus. Brakfast Special had a killer LP out on Rounder Records and featured Andy Statman on mandolin & sax and Kenny Kosick on fiddle. We were originally going to be sharing the weekend with Chris Hillman, who wrote the song Sin City, but the fickle rock and roll gods said "noooo".

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