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Press Photos

delaware today, (luigi ciuffetelli)

This was the photo that was in Delaware Today, August 2005. Terry Conway wrote the article.

august in steve's backyard

at the chase center, 10/30/06

This was October 30th, 2006. The Big Band. Troy Corley on sax, Davey Poland on fiddle & John Southerd on piano. Quite the poo-poo.

slidin' on the 175 (dudley)

Great Photograph by Wedding Photographer at the Greenville Country Club.

acoustic musician 1997

acoustic musician, 1997

tatnall today, fall 2000 (jim graham)

1979 press

tatnall today, 2000

tatnall today, 2000, 2nd page

out & about article on WVUD 1/06

out & about 1/06

news journal, '99 @ academy & main, newark

article in high school magazine, spring '07

Fun Guys review

scott & ashi

This was in The Cecil Whig taken backstage at The Fairhill Racetrack.

from Bill Stevenson's book on The Stone Balloon

Bill always took very good care of us, and helped us get some great gigs in Colorado. I think the Billy he is talking about from the early years is Bairdy, who had a step-brother named Billy. They have torn down the Stone Balloon, but it still smells like beer soaked carpet when I walk by...

news journal ad

End Of Decade Show @ State Theater

A compilation of photos from a truly memorable night. That's Dave Bennett of The Voltags, The Streaker (who won best costume) SCB, Roscoe & MC Mike Fisher. We had Hank Carter, Baird Brittingham & Andy Eaton pitching in on our set, which was only fitting in closing out the 70's. This was also Jim Russell's last gig & a true ending of an era for us.

Best of Delaware \'89

Fine Times Profile

Aquarian Review

bacchus add-1

Fine Times review

Gary Mulinax review, 1980

Scott with SCB Producer Marc Moss at Target mach 2

This was a Terry Conway article in The News Journal celebrating the fact that we just sold a CD. Scott & Marc always laugh about this shot because it is the only time Scott has ever touched the board. Marc has produced every one of our CDs (even a song on the Nashville one). We look forward to the next one always. He is the bomb. Check out his site at Target.com He is now producing out of The Baby Grand in Wilmingon, as well as traveling all over the world as David Bromberg's soundman. Also playing out with his talented (duh) son Maxx, as Before & After.

Out & About cover, September, 2004

Scott was honored to represent SCB in yet another article about the old daze. He's up in the right corner jammin' with The Watsons! This one was about bands from the 80's & where are they now etc. etc. In 1982 we were on the cover of Fine Time magazine with a lot of other bands in a feature article titled "Bands That Have Been Around Forever". Jeeze. What would The Banjo Dusters Do?

Fine Times cover, August, 1982

This was with Jack Of Diamonds, Watson Brothers Band, Melton Brothers Band & Rocket 88. We weren't even 10 years old yet, and they thought we had been around a long time. Each and every one of those other guys is still gigging today. Gigging good.

Chadds Ford Pumpkin Carve

Scott was highly honored to sit in with the band of Kenny Thompson, Kevin Delaney and Billy Graham at the annual Chadds Ford Pumpkin Carve. An All-American tradition these guys have been playing since the beginning. And the cool October air was all a-buzz with Phillie Fever. World F-ing champion Phillie Fever!

WVUD's 4oth

From the November 11th issue of The Review.

Back @ Bacchus

Wonderful return to a favorite venue. Kenny Thompson added his piano to the magic.

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